5 Simple Tips for Improving Your Photography Skills

Like any skill, photography skills also take time to master. Whether your interest is simply for fun or professional, having some solid photography skills can be beneficial. At the very least, you will be able to click better portfolio of your work – and you will be able to improve your professional work as well. Let’s take a look at top 5 tips that will greatly enhance your photography skills.

1.     Select an Interesting Subject

You can find interesting subjects everywhere. You just need to look for them. From a simple street scene to a stormy landscape, to a cute puppy or a flower in your garden. For inspiration, just walk around your neighborhood with a camera, and you will surely find something worth capturing.

2.     Pay Close Attention to the Quality of Light

Light has a great impact on how your photography turns out. You need to understand the two aspects of lighting, which is the color of the light and how diffused/harsh the light is.

3.     Check the Exposure

One of the key advantages of digital photography is that it allows you to check the image on the camera’s rear LCD. When clicking photos, make sure to check the level of exposure, i.e., not too bright nor too dark. Even though modern cameras have a sophisticated auto, they may not always get it right.

4.     Keep It Steady

Blurry photos are not fun. The secret to avoiding shake is to either use a solid support such as a tripod or a fast shutter speed. If using shutter speed makes your photos turn out darker, then increase your camera’s ISO setting.

5.     Study Photos

See what you like and dislike in others’ photos. Ask yourself what would you improve in those pictures, and take notes for future reference.

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